5 manhwa that I highly recommend

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 as you know there are different types of manga with different names; Manga, Manhwa and Manhua -to know more about the difference between these words click here-. and today I wanna share with you 5 manhwa that I consider the best:

1-the god of high school:

 This manhwa is about an organization setting up a fighting tournament with a pretty amazing prize; the winner can get one wish, and it can be anything they want. The tournament also promised those who entered, a life-saving medical staff that can heal any injury during the fights that were sanctioned. The gist of the story focuses on Jin Mo-Ri, a very happy go lucky high school student in South Korea, and his goal in life is to Fight the strongest Fighters in the World. he is picked to participate in the opening rounds of the tournament, to choose the best from his region. Throughout the competition,  Jin befriends allies such as Dae-Wi Han (a karate practitioner who uses lots of grapples and heavy punches ) and Mi-Ra Yu (swordswoman of the Moon Light sword style ), These two were teamed together with him after the preliminary rounds. And become integral to the development of Jins character as well as their own abilities.

Genres: ActionAdventureComedyMartial ArtsShounenSupernaturalWebtoons

2- Girls of the wild's:

a manhwa series that follows a high-school student named Jaegu Song, who enrolls as the sole male student at Wild's High-school; this school has a 42 year history as an all-girls private high school of fighters who are renowned for being champions in martial arts, he is also struggling to take care of his two kindergarten-aged siblings. As the sole male student, Jaegu is uncomfortable with the excessive attention from the girls. He is befriended by Moonyoung Lee, the boxing club captain, and Daldal Choi, a Taekwondo club captain. But after meeting Queen, the bloody champion of Wild's League, things are going to get messy.

Genres: ActionComedyDramaEcchiHaremMartial ArtsRomanceSchool LifeShounenWebtoons

3-Wind breaker:

 the story is about a high school kid who is the student president of Taeyang High. He is not just a smart student but an extreme biker with high techniques. his unique style of bike and riding is second to no one in the city, using a single speed(Fixed gear) bicycle with no brakes or helmet.However, he is someone with a lot of pressure from his family (especially his mother), and he has a reputation to upkeep, thats why he doesnt have friends, his only interest is studying and biking. but that won't last long especially when he meets Yoon Minwoo, a 2nd-year student from the same high-school, who is also another skillful biker.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sports, Tragedy, Webtoons

4- Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything:

 Dongtae (the main character) was born with no redeeming qualities. He is unattractive, unintelligent, unlucky, and not athletic.he is constantly bullied by everyone around him. He believes that life is hopeless and he wishes death upon him. He also has a crush on Eunju, the prettiest girl in the entire school, and can only admire her from afar. One day, a guy by the name of Taebin transfers into his class. Thi guy is everything that Dongtae is not. He is extremely attractive and excels in both academics and sports. and to make his life more bitter, his crush falls for his rival (Taebin), and they start going out with each other. out of jealousy and curiosity,  Dongtae decides to stalk Taebin in his desperation to find any sort of unpleasant aspect about him and keep Eunju from him. that’s when he discovers the cube that will change his life.

Genre: Action, DramaFantasyPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeShounenSlice Of LifeSupernaturalWebtoons

5-The gamer:

 The story follows a game addict who discovers one day that he has been given a strange ability known as ‘The Gamer’ that basically enables his life to follow the rules of a game;He sees people's names, level, and titles floating above their heads; He gets pop-up screens in front of him, and he gains experience points, levels up, allocate stat points and collect items and coins!. Because of this ability, he is thrown into a world of magic and supernatural beings that he never thought existed before. In this world, known as the ‘Abyss’ he learns THAT there are other people with abilities. either born with them naturally, or they have acquired them through harsh training, like his best friend Shin Sun-Il, who is basically a master of martial arts.

Genres: Action, AdventureComedySchool LifeShounenSupernaturalWebtoons

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