the difference between manga, manhwa and manhua

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 We usually use the term Manga to refer to a Japanese comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at adults as well as children, but sometimes we hear other terms like Manhwa or Manhua, wich are the same as manga, yet with some minor differences, and that’s what I’m talking about today. So let’s start with first term wich is the original:


the term manhua is used is to describe Chinese comic books which is generally thought to have begun with the introduction of lithographic printing technology in the mid-nineteenth century and is technically the mother of the term manga and manhwa. manhua is in full color, with some panels even entirely in paint. It's also in a single issue format. many manhua are based on historical Chinese stories or new stories set in historical China.

    -Douluo Dalu:


 is the general Korean term for comics and print cartoons. Outside of Korea, the term usually refers specifically to South Korean comics. Manhwa started out the same as all comics: mainly as political commentary and propaganda, but has been influenced by the modern history of Korea and the Japanese manga, resulting in a diversity of forms and genres,  Due to its graphical, and story-genre similarities, it is generally admitted by Koreans that the modern Manhwa is a Korean adaptation of the Japanese manga. What makes it different is that Manhwa books mostly read from left to right. The manhwa art style tends to put more emphasis on the eyes and face of characters. Character’s figures tend to have more realistic proportions. There is often a more frequent use of gradient “screen tone”.



Manga is the recognized term that needs little explanation, In Japan, it started out as a guys only thing, but now people of all ages read manga. The medium includes works in a broad range of genres: action, adventure, comedy, detective, drama, horror, mystery, romance, fantasy, sports and games. Many manga are translated into other languages. the reason Japanese style comics stand out above the rest is due to their widespread popularity. Both manhua and manhwa are consistently labeled "manga" due to a lack of knowledge of their existence. Manga also stands out due to the high-quality art.

-one piece:

5 manhwa that I highly recommend

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 as you know there are different types of manga with different names; Manga, Manhwa and Manhua -to know more about the difference between these words click here-. and today I wanna share with you 5 manhwa that I consider the best:

1-the god of high school:

 This manhwa is about an organization setting up a fighting tournament with a pretty amazing prize; the winner can get one wish, and it can be anything they want. The tournament also promised those who entered, a life-saving medical staff that can heal any injury during the fights that were sanctioned. The gist of the story focuses on Jin Mo-Ri, a very happy go lucky high school student in South Korea, and his goal in life is to Fight the strongest Fighters in the World. he is picked to participate in the opening rounds of the tournament, to choose the best from his region. Throughout the competition,  Jin befriends allies such as Dae-Wi Han (a karate practitioner who uses lots of grapples and heavy punches ) and Mi-Ra Yu (swordswoman of the Moon Light sword style ), These two were teamed together with him after the preliminary rounds. And become integral to the development of Jins character as well as their own abilities.

Genres: ActionAdventureComedyMartial ArtsShounenSupernaturalWebtoons

2- Girls of the wild's:

a manhwa series that follows a high-school student named Jaegu Song, who enrolls as the sole male student at Wild's High-school; this school has a 42 year history as an all-girls private high school of fighters who are renowned for being champions in martial arts, he is also struggling to take care of his two kindergarten-aged siblings. As the sole male student, Jaegu is uncomfortable with the excessive attention from the girls. He is befriended by Moonyoung Lee, the boxing club captain, and Daldal Choi, a Taekwondo club captain. But after meeting Queen, the bloody champion of Wild's League, things are going to get messy.

Genres: ActionComedyDramaEcchiHaremMartial ArtsRomanceSchool LifeShounenWebtoons

3-Wind breaker:

 the story is about a high school kid who is the student president of Taeyang High. He is not just a smart student but an extreme biker with high techniques. his unique style of bike and riding is second to no one in the city, using a single speed(Fixed gear) bicycle with no brakes or helmet.However, he is someone with a lot of pressure from his family (especially his mother), and he has a reputation to upkeep, thats why he doesnt have friends, his only interest is studying and biking. but that won't last long especially when he meets Yoon Minwoo, a 2nd-year student from the same high-school, who is also another skillful biker.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sports, Tragedy, Webtoons

4- Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything:

 Dongtae (the main character) was born with no redeeming qualities. He is unattractive, unintelligent, unlucky, and not athletic.he is constantly bullied by everyone around him. He believes that life is hopeless and he wishes death upon him. He also has a crush on Eunju, the prettiest girl in the entire school, and can only admire her from afar. One day, a guy by the name of Taebin transfers into his class. Thi guy is everything that Dongtae is not. He is extremely attractive and excels in both academics and sports. and to make his life more bitter, his crush falls for his rival (Taebin), and they start going out with each other. out of jealousy and curiosity,  Dongtae decides to stalk Taebin in his desperation to find any sort of unpleasant aspect about him and keep Eunju from him. that’s when he discovers the cube that will change his life.

Genre: Action, DramaFantasyPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeShounenSlice Of LifeSupernaturalWebtoons

5-The gamer:

 The story follows a game addict who discovers one day that he has been given a strange ability known as ‘The Gamer’ that basically enables his life to follow the rules of a game;He sees people's names, level, and titles floating above their heads; He gets pop-up screens in front of him, and he gains experience points, levels up, allocate stat points and collect items and coins!. Because of this ability, he is thrown into a world of magic and supernatural beings that he never thought existed before. In this world, known as the ‘Abyss’ he learns THAT there are other people with abilities. either born with them naturally, or they have acquired them through harsh training, like his best friend Shin Sun-Il, who is basically a master of martial arts.

Genres: Action, AdventureComedySchool LifeShounenSupernaturalWebtoons


5 anime I started readings their manga after I finished there published episodes

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 Do you know how does it feel when you finish the published episodes of a certain anime then you have to wait for the next episode for a week๐Ÿ˜’ , it feels like your wife is giving birth to a new baby each week( I know I'm exaggerating๐Ÿ˜‚), especially if the next episode is thrilling and exciting , and because I had this experience many times I wanted to share with you 5 anime(s) I started reading their manga after I watched all the released episodes :


  The story is about a 22 years-old guy named (Ryouta Sakamoto) who sits at home playing video games all day, he's one of the top players in a game called BTOOOM! but suddenly he finds himself transported from playing the hit Btooom! video game to being stranded on a mysterious island, equipped with a day's worth of provisions, a bag of bombs, a strange crystal embedded in his left hand and a huge gaping hole in his memory. But it doesn't take long to figure out what's going on, especially after the first person Ryouta meets tries to kill him. Someone is attempting to recreate the ultra-violent Btoom! game in real life, and the island has been filled with an army of other unwilling players, each armed with one of the multiple variants of explosive weapons called BIM. Fortunately, Ryouta's an ace Btoom! player, but this insane version of the game has no reset switch or second lives, and there's only one way off the island: kill seven other people before they can kill you!.
  honestly this anime is astounding!!!, I mean really who thinks of this kind of thing? It's psychologically intimidating, actions packed and well written. and The Characters are the biggest draw for me, as they feel like real people and not just a bunch of anime archetypes thrown together. 

2-Deadman Wonderland:

 It looked like it would be a normal day for Ganta Igarashi and his classmates—they were preparing to go on a class field trip to a certain prison amusement park called Deadman Wonderland, where the convicts perform dangerous acts for the onlookers' amusement. However, suddenly the whole class gets massacred by a mysterious man in red. even-though Ganta was the only survivor, He's framed for the carnage, sentenced to die, and locked away in the most twisted prison ever built: Deadman Wonderland, And then it gets worse. Ganta's life is quickly turned upside down.  This anime had a lot of action, and was very graphic. I really enjoyed all of the death and suspense in this. Many things have happened that I didn't expect. There was a lot of things that I needed to keep track of in all 12 episodes, but I wanna say this... the ending really sucked. I hope every viewer hated it. If there only was a season two of Deadman Wonderland. But nope. It just stayed as it is now. I couldn't take it so I decided to read its manga.

3-Tokyo ghoul:

the story is set in Tokyo, which is haunted by mysterious "ghouls" who are devouring humans. People are gripped by the fear of these ghouls whose identities are masked in mystery. An ordinary college student named Kaneki encounters Rize, a girl who is an avid reader like him, at the cafรฉ he frequents. Little does he realize that his fate will change overnight.
I started watching Tokyo Ghoul when I kept hearing the title here and there on the internet, and as you can imagine after the first episode I couldn't stop watching ,This show has great character depth with the violence and despair. it arouses  questions about the right way of living through a war between the two species who claim to be the dominant race.With the amazing soundtracks and beauty of animation technology they have built an masterpiece.

4-fairy tail: 

yes!!! fairy tail (I'm sure you all know this anime) is one of my favorites, and as you can see it is currently on hiatus, The release date of episode 278 has yet to be announced. But man so tired of waiting , after I knew the truth about natsu and his relation to zeref I couldn't stop asking My self many questions , so I decided to answer this questions by reading its manga
until the release date, and then I continue watching (problem solved๐Ÿ˜).

5- one piece: 

  the same thing goes with this anime too, the only difference is one piece is still ongoing, but I couldn't wait each week for one episode to be released ( I'm not a patient person), that's how amazing this anime can be. and guess what, I've already finished the published manga and waiting each week for one chapter to be released , the only option I have now is to learn Japanese and start reading raw manga ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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top 5 anime with strange artstyle but interisting storyline.

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as you know Animation is a key factor of anime. Without it people would not be able to enjoy their favorite shows and truly cherish it, many people look at the animation first to see if they like it , they can't watch an anime that they don't find eye catching and appealing even-though the plot is interesting. so here are 5 Anime(s) that have an unsatisfying animation/drawing but a good story-line:
note: those are My personal opinions, others may not agree with me so no hard-feelings๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰


The story is about Shimazu Toyohisa who stands between his loving uncle and a band of Red Devil warriors to give his uncle time to escape. His personality type is encompassed by two words: “screaming” and “bloodlust.” Even when pierced through by a dozen spears, he pulls a gun out and shoots the enemy’s leader straight off his horse. The band withdraws, and Toyohisa tries to drag himself home to Satsuma.As he walks from the field broken and bleeding, Toyohisa suddenly finds himself transported to a corridor of doors, where a bespectacled man at a desk waits for him. This man, Murasaki, sends Toyohisa into the nearest door where he wakes up in another world. There, Toyohisa meets other great warriors like him who have been transported as well, to be part of a group known as "Drifters".This world contains both native humans and a number of fantastical races, including elves, dwarves, and hobbits. However, the world is at war, with the humans waging a losing war against another group of great warriors, the "Ends", who wish to take over the world and kill all of the Drifters. Under the Ends' command are many terrible creatures, including giants and dragons, which they use to destroy everything in their path. At the start of the series, the Ends' army has control of the northern part of the continent, and are currently trying to invade the south through a pivotal fortress at the northernmost tip of a nation called Carneades. Meanwhile, the "Octobrist Organization", a group of human magicians native to this world, attempts to bring together the many individual Drifters to save their world from the brutal Ends.

This anime has an amazing storyline and the characters personalities are well expressed in there behaviors,but The animation/artsyle itself is lacking,with its bold lines and wild eyes, and the comedy really sucks, especially how the characters are drawn when they make pranks or say something silly,it’s irritating me just thinking about it.


A group of 15 elite high school students are gathered at a very special, high class high school. To graduate from this high school essentially means you'll succeed in life, but graduating is very difficult. The school is presided over by A twisted, mischievous villain called Monokuma, who appears in the form of a mechanical bear, traps the students in the school and forces them to play a sick game. The only way to leave this makeshift prison, or ‘graduate’ as he calls it, is to kill another student in cold blood. And not only that, but the killer has to get away with it too. If the other classmates discover the identity of the killer, the killer is the only one executed. However, if they fail to catch the killer, only the killer graduates and the others are annihilated.it’s really entertaining. Rich, vivid characters, a captivating mystery that’s constantly unfolding in surprising and shocking ways.
  the thing that I dislike about this anime is the color of blood (pink), what is the point of a bloody scene if you are going to change the most important thing, the blood . I also didn’t like the way the characters are being punished, it should be more realistic, not making theme look like dolls.



 We follow Yasuri Shichika, the seventh successor of the Kyoto Ryu (a style of swordsmanship that uses no sword) sword art and son of an exiled war hero, who lives on an isolated island with his older sister, Nanami. and Togame, a “strategian” of the Shogunate with a mysterious past, on a journey to collect 12 legendary “deviant blades” forged by the enigmatic swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki. Along the way their stories, and their own histories, are intertwined with others who seek to preserve, forget, or change history.
This show asks for your time and attention, but it’s a worthwhile investment. The long episodes provide the right amount of room for each individual story to fully develop, settle in, and come to a close. Each character or set of characters introduced in an episode have their own reasons for fighting and pressing on. These full “chapters” allow us to understand and sympathize with these motivations. Although Katanagatari is the story of Shichika and Togame, it is equally a collection of satisfying mini-stories.
but the thing I wasn’t satisfied about as viewer is the animation/artstyle in the show isn’t good, the bold lines and especially the eyes, there are no the eyelids and socket, just eyeballs. 

4-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable

The year is 1999. Morioh, a normally quiet and peaceful town, has recently become a hotbed of strange activity. Joutarou Kuujou, now a marine biologist, heads to the mysterious town to meet Jousuke Higashikata. While the two may seem like strangers at first, Jousuke is actually the illegitimate child of Joutarou's grandfather, Joseph Joestar. When they meet, Joutarou realizes that he may have more in common with Jousuke than just a blood relation.Along with the mild-mannered Kouichi Hirose and the boisterous Okuyasu Nijimura, the group dedicates themselves to investigating recent disappearances and other suspicious occurrences within Morioh. Aided by the power of Stands, the four men will encounter danger at every street corner, as it is up to them to unravel the town's secrets, before another occurs.
this anime is very famous for its unique art style with characters making fabulous poses that cosplayers love to mimic.Actually that’s what I hate about this anime, it just looks so unpolished, and the character designs are very uninspired(too muscles with Square faces) and I found many of them look remarkably similar, but with some different colors on them. Overall, the art was pretty bad on this one.


The anime has a focus on 4 prisoners set in supposedly the world’s most secure prison located in an unknown body of water just off the coast of Japan.The 4 main characters are from block 13 cell 13 are are famous for their ability to break out of any prison but further on in the series their previous prison breaks have been for menial silly reasons but because of their talents.The anime not to be taken too seriously and it takes up to the final episodes to really get going and even then they manage to keep it light and fun.it makes you laugh out loud on several occasions with its comedy,
The art is strange with very colorful flamboyant character designs. Every character is very recognizable and somehow feminine, covered from head to toe in sparkling adornments that in no way make sense for a prison. And everything sparkles, that it's ridiculous.

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